Our Company


Cherry Mobile is a Philippine-based company which aims to deliver products that value everyone’s lifestyle. Established in 2009, Cherry Mobile brings a wide array of choices from dual SIM feature phones to smartphones, tablets, and other lifestyle devices. Through the years it has positioned itself as the leading mobile company in the Philippines, offering the best priced gadgets at par with international brands. Cherry Mobile continues to develop partnerships with global technology leaders and trusted phone developers to further strengthen its stance in the mobile telecommunication industry. These partnerships result in products and services that better meet the needs of its target market.


Our Story


The year 2009 marked Cherry Mobile’s commitment to become the top value for money mobile phone in the Philippines. In its first year, Cosmic Technologies Inc. CEO Maynard Ngu envisioned Cherry Mobile to be the brand that caters to different age groups and match different lifestyles. The dream immediately became a reality that rocked its competitors. In 2010, barely two years after it started, Cherry Mobile was voted IT Company of the Year in the 3rd CyberPress Awards, upstaging some of the country’s technology giants.


Cherry Mobile has revolutionized Philippine mobile technology as it brings first-in-the-market innovations such as Superion, the first Android tablet in the country; Orbit, the first 3G Dual-SIM android smartphone; and, Q70 Quad, the first quadruple SIM phone. In 2012, at the time when local brand smartphones were not widely accepted, the Cherry Mobile Flare took the local Android mobile scene by storm when it became the most wanted phone of the Philippine mass market – a dual core smartphone at par with international brands but a more affordable variant. This then paved the way for the local smartphone industry, with Cherry Mobile taking the lead in offering quality smartphones at extremely affordable prices.


In 2013, the company launched W900 LTE as the first LTE local brand smartphone. In 2014, Alpha Style, which is priced at Php2,999 or approximately 65 USD, is considered the most affordable Windows phone in the world. Firefox Ace, a result of an exclusive partnership with Firefox and is retailing at Php999 or approximately 22 USD, is now deemed the most affordable smartphone in the world. In 2015, it partnered with Google for the Android One campaign, releasing the Cherry Mobile One and the Cherry Mobile Android G1, the country’s first LTE Android One. In 2016, it offered Cherry Fit, the first fitness tracker device in the local market with watch and Bluetooth functions. On the same year it released its first high-end action camera, the Cherry Action Cam, and the world’s first Smart Action camera, Cherry Explorer 2. It also launched M1, the first Deca-Core smartphone in South East Asia.


Cherry Mobile is the only local brand to partner with the most trusted technology leaders in terms of hardware, software, and peripherals, further innovating ways to enhance various lifestyles. In 2013, Cherry Mobile reached out to new markets across continents with stores and kiosks in Myanmar, Thailand, and other countries.




Our Vision


Cherry Mobile envisions a Cherry device for everyone in every market we serve. The company was born out of the desire to make technology available and affordable for everyone. This is the end goal of always being on the lookout for the latest technology and applying it to quality products and services that provides value for money and caters to the needs of its target market. In order to achieve this vision, Cherry Mobile aims to bring game-changing products and brands that inspire individuality and enhance everyone’s lifestyle.


Our Values


The Core Values of Cherry Mobile are principles for every person in the Cherry community in terms of working, making decisions, and fulfilling responsibilities toward the success of the company and its stakeholders.


Vision. We dream big. We think big and focus on the future.

Innovation. We create possibilities.

Synergy. We work as a team.

Integrity. We value honestly. We stand up for what we believe is just and good.

Ownership. We are proud of what we are. We are accountable for our actions.

Respect. We uphold the value of every person.


2010 IT Company of the Year

3rd CyberPress Awards


2013 Most Outstanding Affordable Mobile Phone Brand

National Consumers' Choice Annual Awards for Business Excellence


Best Performance

Hard Ware Magazine Multitest 2014


2014 Gadget of the Year

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